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Spells and Potions - Their Uses and Applications

To make magic work, spells and potions are the most commonly used tools. In black magic, where the purpose is to intentionally inflict harm on someone else, the effects can cause extreme pain, and in more severe cases, even death to the often unsuspecting victim.

Spells and Potions - Their Uses and Applications
Spells are rituals performed with powerful words to make magic happen. To effectively cast a spell, thorough knowledge on how it works is required. Likewise concentration and faith are essential in the successful performance of the ritual. Compared to other types of magic, using spells and potions is relatively easier to learn and master.

Potions are also intended to produce magic. These are concoctions made from herbs, roots, bark, seeds and other similar materials. Potions are intended for a variety of uses, from practical applications as healing and cooking to falling in love or to make someone do something for no apparent reason. In the olden days, potions were concocted by witch doctors.

Many folk remedies made then are still being used today. Recipes for these time-tested healing potions have been passed on from generation to generation. Today, people who concoct healing potions are known as herbalists and their products are called alternative or holistic medicine.

Then and now, however, spells and potions are not always used for healing purposes or for the good and benefit of other people. Black magic practitioners use them in many forms, all evil and destructive. A spell, for example, may be cast on someone the spell-caster had a recent argument with. Or he may concoct a potion to put the same person to deep sleep. Whatever a black magician does, it is always with ill intent or consequences.

Although its effects are unusual and hard to explain by science, it is still very difficult to tell for certain that a specific illness that befell a previously healthy victim was caused by black magic. For one, not too many people believe that black magic exists. When medicine cannot find any explanation, many will be quick to conclude that it is a new disease and thorough study is required to fully understand it. Only believers will be convinced that it is the handiwork of one who is well-versed in magical spells and potions.

To better understand black magic, following are examples of spells cast and potions used for evil purposes;
Magic Spells
A� Curses made for bad luck
A� Control of the elements to cause destruction - includes lightning bolts and fireballs
A� Hexes on mirrors to allow dark creatures to come in
A� Spells to conjure demons
A� Torture and death spells
Magic Potions - Some potions are concocted to
A� Transform the victims into other creatures like toads or slugs
A� Make the victims ill for long periods of time
A� Make the person hallucinate or become insane
A� Cause death or extreme pain

There are many other applications of black magic. But like any other forms of magic, spells and potions must not be used with ill intentions in mind. They are dangerous for everyone concerned including the instigator.

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