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Psychic Medium Reader

Are you feeling stuck? In need of spiritual guidance and the help of a Psychic Medium Reader? Are you seeking insight on a specific area in your life, work, finances, relationship? Do you feel stagnated and not sure which path to take? Then call us today https://spellsandpsychics.co.za/pages/psychic-readings-1.

General tarot spread, pendulum, oracle and runes. You will be given the opportunity to ask as many questions that concerns you. Her readings are accurate and a real eye opener Justine is a gifted psychic intuitive Empath, energy healer as well as a certified life coach, psychotherapist, hypnotherapist and inner healing facilitator and a PHD student of metaphysical Psychology, with extensive experience (15years) in healing and transforming the divine feminine. She is deeply connected to the higher realms and reads your personal energy as well as recieves telepathic messages from spirit Service Include - Tarot, Oracle, Rune & Pendulum Readings with messages from Spirit Guides and Higher Self. - Psychic Development - Cutting Cords - Past Life Regression - Crystal Healing - Chakra & Energy Cleansing (Remove Blockages and Heal Body) - Life Coaching - Hypnotherapy & NLP Reprogram the subconscious mind to break old destructive habits, create healthy new ones, pain relief and much more GROUPS & WORKSHOPS _ Spiritual Development Discover and develop your own psychic gifts and connect with your higher self) - Meditation to inner healing and self mastery - Creative Art and Craft Workshop CORPORATE -Consciousness in the workplace for healthy, balanced and motivated staff BOOKING ESSENTIAL: