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Predictions Psychics Have Made for 2019

Well, it’s that time of the year where the top psychics will start to predict what is likely to occur during the upcoming year. Even though we will have to wait some time to figure out what comes to pass or not, it’s still fun to see what might occur in the future.  

Here are some of the predictions that have been by psychics and tarot readers for 2019.

A Rocky Political Climate

Well, ok, we already know that we are in for a rocky time politically, especially with Brexit.  But Foxglove Tarot predicts that there will be power struggles everywhere politically. Not just over Brexit but amongst politicians and parties too.  And it’s likely that power struggles will continue int 2020 unless they everyone can learn to work together.

This is an interesting prediction because it almost represents the state of the world right now.  We are being called to start to come together rather than working for our gain. And this prediction, if it comes true is just a mirror of what will be happening worldwide across all walks of life, politically or not.  

Perseverance & Humility Is Important For 2019

2019 is not the year to continue to ‘wing things’, or ‘blag’.  Those who will win in 2019 are those who work hard to hone their craft, and share it humbly with others.  “Easy come, easy go” will be 2019’s common phrase.

Protect yourself by making sure you address your weaknesses and develop the skills needed to do whatever it is that you want to do.  

Peace And Connection

Other psychics have predicted that we might begin to find peace and connection during 2019.  Which seems to fit in with the notion (predicted by different psychics) that people need to learn to work together, get real about their actions and find their way to humility.  

This is a hopeful prediction which means that if we can learn to be more real, and to work together with each other, we will find our way to something new and good.  And the good thing is, we can support this idea by taking the advice from the other predictions (mentioned above) and intending to develop a loving peaceful and connected vibe in our words. Which will, without question then manifest outward into the world.

Now that would be a great year if all of this worked out don’t you think?

Have you heard any psychic predictions for 2019 that you hope will come true?  Why not share your thoughts in the comments below?