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Free Interactive Relationship Reading: True Love

True Love

You have chosen the ‘True Love’ card from the Romance Angels Oracle by Doreen Virtue. This is a message to let you know that the love you’ve been waiting for, true and lasting, is here for you.  If your question was about a specific person or a current romantic partner, then this serves as a validation from the Romance Angels regarding the Divine nature of this connection.

This person has real feelings and genuine love for you and you are able to overcome issues that arise by working together. This is the time to express your feelings through actions or gestures of kindness, compassion and courtesy or respect towards one another.

Even an uncomfortable conversation can be an act of love and an expression of the true love that you share, given that it is done in the Spirit of love, respect, and compassion.

If you are single or between partners at the moment, this is a message from the Romance Angels that a new relationship and your true love is on it’s way and is their way of assuring you that you are headed in the right direction.

Keep the faith now and focus on the wonderful qualities of the relationship you’re manifesting and that you are destined to have this level of happiness and fulfillment. Even if the temptation arises, don’t compromise with a partner who is less than what you deserve or whom doesn’t fulfill your needs.

Treating yourself well, respecting your own needs, and standing up for them is essential, because the basis of a loving relationship is first and foremost a loving relationship with yourself. Additionally, through your self love and self care, you’ll attract someone who will match those energies and be a loving and supportive partner.

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Angel Card Reading True Love