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Do Love Binding Spells Really Work?

Just to inform all those skeptics who pooh pooh away love spells, magic and witchcraft, one of the most effective kinds of forceful love spells are love binding spells and their job is to bind one individual to another through eternity and beyond.

Do Love Binding Spells Really Work?
The problem with love binding spells is that most people resort to them as a last ditch attempt to save a failing relationship with perhaps a most undeserving loutish person without realizing that love comes in your life many times and sometimes, you can get the right person for you at the fourth or fifth attempt, way in your mid life.

There is just no need to use a love binding spell. And when you desperately and selfishly use these spells to bind a lover with you by breaking up his/her home, it is just being evil. And such spells may not work out at all for either party and may prove to be completely ineffective.

When you use love binding spells to inflict pain on others, which pain will return to haunt you, three times more powerfully, according to the 3 fold law. These are the points you need to consider before using love binding spells.

Spells # 1
Here is a very powerful love binding spell that is highly effective. To perform it you will require 2 photographs of yours and that of your partner's, a yard of red ribbon and some kind of a sharp object or a needle for poking holes in the photographs.
With the sharp object, you have got to poke holes in the two photographs. Then you have to sew them altogether. And all the while you need to chant out your desire in the form of a verse.

Spells # 2
This one is an apple binding spell. You need items like a red silk ribbon, two locks of hair from your lover's head and from yours, honey and an apple. Now you have to cut the apple into 2 pieces in a horizontal manner in such a way that it reveals the star in the middle.

Warning about indiscriminate use of these love spells

The problem with all love binding spells and this one is that just as you are binding the other person to you, similarly, you are also binding yourself to your partner. Besides, love binding spells tend to get extremely complicated, so it is wise to think deeply over the consequences that might result from your spell before actually performing it! Are you sure that you are not binding yourself to a serial killer or a lazy bum or a cheat or a womanizer?

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